IPC Annual Low Country Boil for 325

Labor Day weekend is here! I so look forward to this weekend and here is why. From Memorial Day to Labor Day, my church has the Sunday evening services at Point Pleasant, a beautiful waterfront meeting house on Talahi Island( Click here to see the map). Since the congregation meets there for the evening service, so must their cook and the food, each Sunday night for 15 weeks.

Our off site kitchen is not quite equipped for large volume cooking, so dinners are prepared at downtown kitchen and transported to Point Pleasant. And it takes quite an effort to make and transport food for 300 each week. Not complaining, just super excited that beginning next Sunday evening, I can stay put and cook in my downtown kitchen!

And I am so grateful when Tim, IPC's renown grill/low-country boil meister and his team of deacons cook the last Sunday fellowship meal at Point Pleasant. IPC's Annual Low Country Boil is highly anticipated meal of the year, especially my me.

We have a saying here Savannah, "Friends don't let friends eat Gulf shrimp!" Who can resist fresh local Georgia shrimp? Tim purchased 70 pounds of these beauties from his shrimper-friend in Richmond Hill.

Only the fresh corn will do, no substitutions, please.

Instead of boiling the potatoes, Tim grilled 50 pounds of red potatoes, lightly oiled and salted with Kosher salt. So delicious!

Young and old alike, we just love this meal.

Especially with homemade ice cream made and brought by the congregation. Which flavor do you like?

Tim's wife, Tricia organizes this great church family tradition.

Even powder pink lemonade looks wonderful.

Our fellowship is sweet. Quite a setting, isn't it?

IPC children absolutely love this place during summer filled fun activities like swimming, ultimate frisbee playing and rope swinging after the meals.

And even though I am not thrilled about transporting food out here during summer, it's so worth it.....for my loving church family. And I will brace myself again next summer, with a smile and lots of prayer for God's grace and strength.

Low Country Boil for 325

Shrimp 70 pounds
Smoked Sausages 70 pounds
Red Potatoes 50 pounds, halved and grilled
Fresh Corn 120, shucked and cut into thirds (360 pcs)
Cocktail sauce 5 quarts
French Bread 375 pieces
Pimento Cheese Spread 7 pounds
Tossed Garden Salad (40 heads of Romaine hearts, 5 English Cucumbers, 10 pints of grape tomatoes, 6 red onions) with 4 quarts of homemade ranch.
Watermelons, 5 large seedless, sliced in small wedges
Homemade Ice Cream (made and brought by congregation)
Chocolate-Oatmeal cookies 300

Salt 4 pounds for cooking
8 limes for garnish
8 lemons for garnish
Old Bay optional


  1. Kay, that sounds wonderful! We ate at Point Pleasant two summers ago, we had worshiped with our friends in Raleigh in the morning, drove south and were not able to make it for the evening service but we did make it for the meal, which was fabulous.
    My boys played on that rope swing and were fascinated by the many tiny little crabs that were there in the grass

  2. You are all very blessed. What a wonderful way to worship and eat together.

  3. Superb post,Kay! What a fun time!

  4. Wow.
    Wow! What a blessing!!
    (Now picking myself up off the floor)
    I may have to come and visit ya'll and take some lessons in church cooking!
    (see? I got the ya'll part ok!)
    I spent this morning in the church kitchen getting myself familiar with ALOT of things...posting some pics now on my blog.
    Now I'm hungry for shrimp.....

  5. Seriously, I need to join your church! Forget that I live in the Canadian Rockies, I still have to become a member! :o)

    Honestly though, you all do such a wonderful job!

  6. You've seriously gotten me missing Savannah and the marsh islands... and of course, the shrimp boil.

    Your church is absolutely blessed to have you at the helm in the kitchen!

    I've got to get down there one day soon!

  7. Thank you, Sheena, Susie, Lynne, Tina, and Karen! We will need to make y'all honorary members? ;) And Toby, when you are in the area, you know where to find me. You know you are always invited to our church table! :)

  8. This is absolutely fabulous!

  9. I'd love to visit your church someday. We'll see if either of my sisters' husbands ever get stationed in Savannah . . .

  10. What a lovely day, and menu! Boils are one of my all time favorite things. Good times with good people!

  11. WOW!!! that's a lot of really good looking food! What a wonderful event - so glad you enjoyed the day :)

  12. There is nothing more southern than a low country boil. That looks absolutely perfect!

  13. Wow, what a feast!! I wish I could have been there. All that ice cream....mmmm! I'll take a scoop of each flavor, please!

  14. W.O.W. I think that I need a Low Country Boil before the Summer season is gone!! This looks like so much fun and what a great way to connect with your friends and fellowship!!

  15. This post has just made my mouth water (and I just had dinner!) oh, summer time where are thou?