4-Burner Commericial Griddle

Here is one indispensable equipment in IPC kitchen: 4-burner commercial griddle with grease tray. I inherited this when I took on the church cook job four years ago and I absolutely love it! And each time I use it, I thank God the person who bought this for the church. This baby weighs close to 50 pounds, which proves that being a church cook is not for sissies.

Click here for more info and price comparison. And let me tell ya, it's worth every penny to have your meat beautifully seared or blackened!

Here are some ways we use this handy griddle in our kitchen.

Searing flank steaks for fajita wrap.

Stir frying rice for fried rice.

Quick sauté of frozen peas and shallots for a side dish.

Blackening chicken breast.

Stir frying beef for teriyaki beef.

Blackening tilapia before baking in oven to finish.

The uses are unlimited and using this griddle for quick sautéing, blackening, or searing the food add great flavor, not to mention the how great your food will look.


Rocky Mountain UGT-MC24 4-Burner commercial Griddle with Grease Tray
24inch x 24inch with 1 1/2 three sided edge
Made from thick 7 gauge steel
Approx. 45 lb.

For home cooks, click here for info on 2-burner griddles.


  1. The griddle is really useful and I loved this. Thatnks for sharing this post!

  2. I have some serious griddle envy now! Photos look great, Kay.

  3. sing it sista, i'm with ya on this one! we have one in our church kitchen and i don't know how we'd manage without it!

  4. I bet your whole church kitchen is a dream!

  5. I had a monster griddle like that at the sandwich shop. It got to the point where it STAYED on the grill, it was just too heavy to move, and I wasn't about to get rid of it.

    Why is it that the best tools in a good kitchen are either heavy as a load of bricks - or costly as the GNP of a small nation...