Kings Arms Tavern (Williamsburg Part 2 of 3)

Photo by Patrick McKay

During our Williamsburg trip last week, my friends and I had a great dinner at Kings Arms Tavern. But first, here are four wonderful scenic photos of Williamsburg taken by Patrick McKay. Aren't these stunning?
My youngest son and nephew frolicking on the green.

The King's Arms Tavern was opened by Jane Vobe in 1772, and it has become one of the most famous eating establishments in Colonial Williamsburg.

We were joined by handsomely dressed friends...

...among them, Pastor Pete Olson, who gave us a wonderful historic walking tour. Check out his wonderful educational site, Vision Heirs. This man is a walking history encyclopedia. My family learned so much from him past week.

The ambiance was so beautiful.

We savored traditional southern fare....

The meal began with delectable condiments of pickled watermelon rinds, corn relish, and Virginia Ham.

A hearty Vegetable Soup...

The candlelight setting gave the dinner a warm and comfortable feel.

Pan-seared, seasoned boneless chicken breast served atop apple-raisin cornbread stuffing, with salty ham, and vanilla-scented mashed sweet potatoes with green beans. Yum!

A game pie consisting of tender venison, rabbit, and duck braised in a port wine sauce.

Baked custard of rice, rum-drunk raisins, and warm vanilla sauce

It was a lovely evening, complete with a gorgeous sunset.

Many thanks to Patrick McKay for permission to use his beautiful scenic photos. Check out his Flickr page for more!

My third and last post on Williamsburg will be on Picnic Tea which my friend, Miranda, and I hosted.


  1. Wow! What a treat! Those dishes look divine!

  2. These pictures look like they have been drawn from a time long ago and far away. I just love the Patrick captured the lighting of the sky in these various pictures.

  3. Kay your trip sounds so fun! The pictures are gorgeous and the food and atmosphere look AMAZING!!

  4. Oh gosh., the photos are stunning aren't they. I love the rum drunk raisons ...., what a cool way to put it huh. It sounded like a wonderful adventure Kay :)

  5. All the dishes look fab! Mckay's pictures are beautiful, esp the colours of the sky.

  6. Thank you for sharing your beautiful photos.

  7. Love all of these pictures! I went to Williamsburg a few years ago and my parent's honeymooned there :) It is such a fun place.

  8. Beautiful images take me to a refined yet rustic period in our history. The dinner photos so wonderful, I can smell firewood and ham and spices...delightful tour!

  9. The food looks great and the pictures are beautiful (yours as well as Patrick's =).
    BTW, still waiting to hear back from my sister about those stays . . .

  10. Oh! Kay! I'm ready to go back! Didn't we have a delightful time? I love your photos of our beautiful meal at King's Arms Tavern and Patrick's photos of Williamsburg at sunset are so gorgeous.

  11. Ladies, You all need to try it just once, to walk the streets of Williamsburg with period clothes on! It's an amazing experience.
    @ Jenna, thanks for checking with your sister about her stays.
    @ Girls, I'm still in denial that our fun time over. :(

  12. What a lovely trip you must have had. Your photos are wonderful. I'm new to your blog but just wanted you to know how much I enjoyed my first visit here. I'll definitely be back. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  13. I really want to go here with my children. You are the second person in the past couple months who has posted beautiful photos of a great trip!

  14. Lovely clicks and great food! That tavern is so special.



  15. What gorgeous pictures. My hat off to Patrick! It's been years since I've been to Williamsburg. I really need to go back and I think that the kids might finally be getting old enough to really appreciate it. That meal looks so good. It's got me craving a full on southern meal!

  16. Goodness Ms. Kay what a stunningly gorgeous family you have and those dresses - oh my goodness, never in a million years could I corral the patience to sew something like that. They are beautiful!!
    It looks like it was a wonderful trip!!

    And you've been to Snoqualmie Falls, how great! Well, if you ever come to visit your sister out here in Bellevue again, I do hope you will let me know! ) ~Megan

  17. I am loving this series of posts ... for many reasons. The photography is stellar, the location is beautiful and brings back many fun memories of family trips to Williamsburg, the interest I have in historical reenactments, the gorgeous details of the sewn garments ... it's all just beautiful, Kay!

    Oh ... and the food at The King's Arms lookpretty darn good, too!s