Kao Thai Cuisine in Thunderbolt

It was a very special treat to go on a date just the three of us: my husband, my Nikon, and me! When my sister-in-law who is a fine cook and very discerning foodie recommended and generously gave us a gift card to this restaurant, I knew it would be a good one. And boy, she was absolutely right! My husband and I fell in love with Kao at first bite!

Don't let the exterior of the building hold you back. Inside the unassuming store front is beautifully decorated interior: linen cloths, polished glasses, and simple but attractive decor.

Here was our fresh beginning: Basil Roll filled with rice vermicelli, carrots, lettuce, fresh basil leaves, and shrimp, with just yummy dipping sauce.

My husband chose Num Tok as a starter: sliced beef sirloin with Thai herbs, lime juice, chili, and onion, an absolutely delightful dish.

We both fought to order this whole flounder, scored and deep fried with lightest sweet and sour sauce with a hint of cilantro. He won, and I hoped while savoring my delicious entree that he would be too full to finish it. No such luck for me. I think I'll order the flounder AND something else next time.

My entree was this flavorful beef sauteed with Thai Basil Sauce. I love Thai Basil.... I can eat it with almost anything, may be even with cereal.

Isn't their jasmine rice beautiful? I took a big chunk out of the back before I remembered to take a picture. It's not so easy eating a wonderful meal and trying to take photos at the same time!

I also ordered Grilled Shrimp and Mango salad but there was a storm when my salad arrived and the lighting was not so ideal. But it was absolutely heavenly, too! Slices of fresh mangos with lime juice and peanuts......oh my, I am getting hungry again.

And for dessert? Get this: Mango ice cream, battered and deep fried with coconut sauce and flambeed with Bacardi.....can a meal get any better than this?

Behind all these incredible dishes is equally incredible chef : Wasan Trimas! Thank you Wasan, we had the best Thai meal EVER! I am so sorry that it took me so to come and visit you! And thank you Rita for such attentive and friendly service.

If you love Thai food, look no further. Kao has the best Thai food in Savannah. Hey, how about meeting me for a lunch? It's my treat!


  1. Catherine EdmondsJuly 12, 2010 at 9:10 PM

    Kao is by far the best Thai restaurant in Savannah! Wasan is a wonderful chef and very friendly host as well. Excellent choice Kay, and I will join you there for lunch ANYTIME!

  2. I have heard how talented he was with presentations...but have never been there....thank you for reminding me...

  3. You are on, Catherine! And Cynthia, you and Eddie will just love it!

  4. Haven't been there! We will have to try it! LOVE Thai food.