Cooking Tip : Hard Boiled Eggs

How hard could it be to boil some eggs? I found out when I needed to make 200 deviled eggs for a Bar Mitzvah luncheon several years ago. Egg shells stuck and the yolks turned grey-ish that I did not have one smooth-skinned boiled egg after peeling! I ended up making mini-egg salad sandwiches instead, lots of them!

Here is a fool-proof was to ensure you have perfectly cooked eggs, every time.
1.Place eggs in a pan or a pot, in a single layer, cover with 1 inch of water, and bring to boil over high heat.

2.Remove pan from heat, cover, and set a timer on for 11 minutes.
Meanwhile, fill a medium bowl with 1 quart water and 1 tray of ice cubes (or equivalent). Transfer eggs to ice water bath; let sit 10 minutes.

3.After the eggs cool. Crack and drop in boiling water for just a couple of seconds, which will cause the shell to expand and allow for perfect removal. 

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