Hello June! And Sites I Love

Each month, I would like to share with you and highlight web sites I love.  There are so many beautiful sites I adore but I don't want to bombard you, so let's start with these four this month, but more coming! 

Salted and Styled: Original recipes, awesome food photography, fashion, life style, videos, podcast and so much more!  This site has it all, quite amazing.  Check it out.  
Photo by Chia Chong; Styled by Libbie Summers

Eat, Live, Run : Jenna is a chef-writer, recipe developer, and a wonderful friend.  
You will love her daily posts and her life antics.  
Photo by Jenna Weber

Apricosa : From authentic Korean to German food, not to mention beautiful food photography, 
Erica shares beautiful stories behind the food her site.  
Photo by Erica

Tiny Urban Kitchen: Winner of Project Food Blog in 2010 and other prestigious awards,
Jen and her husband travels extensively and has the best global restaurant reviews.  

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  1. I like the cold cuts and the burger servings from any cafe. Each has their own way of making them signature with their respective touches. The same with catering company on their identity via entrees. I'm not much on salad.