Food Photography Workshop with Helene and Clare-Day 1

Well, guess where I am!  I am spending this weekend with Helene and Clare at a food photography and styling workshop in Charleston, South Carolina.   And yes, this tops as THE dream vacation for me learning from these pros.

Day one photo shoot consisted of antipasto and dessert.  Beyond their excellent teaching and coaching, I truly sensed their genuine passion for their work and for their students.

Choosing from amazing collection of props from both Clare and Helene totally inspired me.  Talk about feeling giddy like a school girl in a candy shop!

Can't wait to see what next two days will be like.  Tomorrow....Charleston Farmer's Market.

Do you want to attend one of their workshop?  I assure you, it will transform the way you take food photos.  Click here for their workshop schedule.

Helen Dujardin

Clare Barboza


  1. Looks indeed like a dream vacation. Would love to hear more about your weekend learning!

  2. Wow, I would loooove to attend a workshop like this!

    1. They do workshops in both East and West coast! Check out their schedule! :)