Bar Cookies and Miss Sophie

Allow me to introduce to you my dear friends, Teri Bell! She is the owner of Miss Sophies restaurant, caterer, and a columnist to Savannah Morning News. She is so gracious to include my food photos along with her great weekly article and recipes to our local newspaper. So stay tuned for her weekly scrumptious write ups and my photos!

Here is Teri's last week's article, along with food photos by yours truly.....

Miss Sophie: New recipes raise the bar on pan-baked classics like brownies and lemon bars

Everybody has seen them, everybody loves them and there is an infinite number of recipes for them. They are the shining stars at church socials, family reunions and neighborhood picnics. Known simply as bar cookies, these small wonders can range from simple to complex, and they boast of a repertoire that includes such classic favorites as brownies, Rice Krispy treats and lemon bars. To continue.....click here.

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  1. I love cookie bars and these look very addictive. I'll be trying these soon!