Our First Colonial Ball!

By now, you know that my family loves all things Colonial, thanks to our dear friends, The Gibsons, who introduced us to Colonial Williamsburg two years ago. And part of this living history experience of the Colonial period, is the English Country Dance. You know, like the dances you see in Pride and Prejudice?

And we were all thrilled to participate in our very first Colonial ball! The ball was organized by The Assembly Dancers of North Carolina, commemorating President George Washington's visit to the Town of Salem in May of 1791.

Little details like our table reservation card was so beautifully done.

And what music! Ginger and David Hildebrand of Colonial Music Institute, provided the live music for this special occasion. If you have never heard Colonial period music, you must try! Their newest CD, George Washington, The Music for the First President has a wonderful selection of period music.

And our dance master was John Fitzhugh Millar, from Willliamsburg. What an interesting person! John is a former museum director and captain of an historic full-rigged ship. The ships he had helped to build such as Revolutionary War frigate Rose and Continental Navy sloop Providence were in the movies such as "Master & Commander" and "Pirates of Caribbean".

If you get a chance to visit Williamsburg, also check out his Newport House B & B.

At the ball, we learned that there is much more to it than just learning the dance steps. The grace and mannerism of the Colonial dancing are so beautiful to see when done well.

My girl looking so beautiful.

But John Harvard and his pillow pet could not stay up past 9 pm!

It was an exciting experience for us all. And the Gibsons and my family hope to start an English Country Dance group in Savannah. So stay tuned for more......

To view more photos from our trip, click here.

If you are interested in Colonial dancing, check out colonialdance.org to get started or google to see if you have a group in your area.


  1. What a wonderful opportunity. Loved seeing your photos.

  2. After being to that Regency ball in March, I can totally envision your experience at the Colonial ball. It looks lovely, and you all are such a good lookin' group. I know I've said this before (and I'll say it again) but your daughter is BREATHATKINGLY beautiful. Wow.

  3. Kay this looks like so much fun! You and your family all look beautiful! Our family loved visiting Williamsburg when we lived back east.

  4. Oh, what a dream to get dressed up in period costume and go through the traditional dances! Thanks for posting about this--I'm glad to get a glimpse of all the fun!

  5. The name "Heritage" suits your family so well! :) You all look wonderful in your colonial outfits! I definitely need to make a trip back to Williamsburg soon.

  6. Kay, this looks like such an incredible time!!

  7. What a great post, Kay. I can imagine how much fun you had at this wonderful event. I love all the beautiful costumes.

  8. What wonderful fun this must have been for all of you. You all look wonderful in the period costumes. I hope you have a great day. Blessings...Mary

  9. So cool... can't believe those outfits were handmade.

  10. I think Rachel hit the nail on the head - Heritage is a name that suits your family very well!