IPC's Women of the Church

Each year in September, IPC's women of the church (WOC), gather to share some of the ministries the ladies are involved in. This year, we had the privilege of hearing from Shirley Parker, who conducts bi-weekly bible studies through Coastal Jail Ministries; Fef Nolen, who helps with Living Vine, Christian Maternity Home; and Patty Brodmann, who takes flowers to shut-in members every week.

I was greatly encouraged by these women who take their busy time to give and share their lives with those who are in need, making this a little brighter place as we journey through this land.

There were over 110 ladies who attended this gathering and what better way to meet than over a cup of tea?

And a beautiful luncheon?

We began our lunch with Jina's Spinach Salad and Chicken & Pecan Quiche, with her sweets following.

Lemon Tea Cakes

Coconut Mini Muffins and Chocolate Scones with chocolate cream.

Minted Brownies

Scottish Shortcakes with Chocolate Ganache

It was a time of refreshing....

We were truly blessed by labor of love of many women who were involved to make this event truly beautiful:

Jina Breazeale (aka the Tea Lady) with her incredible gift of baking amazing desserts,
Carolyn Hodges with her special touch of decorating,
Susan Jackson with her magic with flowers, and
Alice Hendrick making thirty plus some more pots of tea...... all under the loving direction of Jane Boatright.

1 Cor. 16:18
"For they refreshed my spirit and yours. Therefore acknowledge such men (women).

Thanks, ladies.....for refreshing my soul today.


  1. love these photos kay. Looks like a good time!

  2. What a lovely time! I'm sure the ladies enjoyed being "pampered" with great tea and quiche and sweets.

  3. Everything looks so amazing! I especially love the variety of tea pots (I've been starting my own eclectic collection).

    It's beautiful when women of God gather together -- especially over a wonderful feast! :)