New York Eats

(Breathtaking view from the apartment)

It was a great trip spent with my husband in New York. It was somewhat of a business trip but we turned it into a romantic get away. Not that we can't get romantic in our little country home with four children running around, BUT it was great to see different sites, taste different foods, and get a break from cooking.

Thanks to our dear friends, who generously offered their beautiful apartment in central Manhattan for three nights, we had the time of our lives.

What are these called? I have no idea but they sure looked beautiful!

Dragon Fruit, wonder what it tastes like?

Abundant and inexpensive seafood in China Town.

These ready-made dinners were so tasty; my husband loved the stuffed peppers he had for dinner.

Fresh Arugula salad with grilled peppers, zucchini, with fresh mozzarella cheese. All it needed was a splash of balsamic vinegar and oil! The perfect lunch.

Fresh pizza just out of wood burning oven!

One evening, we tried a Turkish restaurant on a roof top.

Warm, freshly baked bread served with olive oil.

Grape leaves stuffed with barley and beans.

Gyro platter with aromatic rice and veggies.

Yummy coconut pudding dessert.

We also had great Chinese food at Chin Chin's, delicious burgers from Good Burgers, fantastic bagels each morning, and wonderful tidbits sold by the numerous street vendors (Thankfully, we walked everywhere, or we would have gained more than a few pounds!)

Even after three days of no house to clean, dishes to wash, or children to chase after, I was ready to head back to Savannah. It was a refreshing break, but nothing beats sitting at the dinner table with the kids babbling on about their day (mouths full, mind you) utensils clinking, and doling out the second helpings. Oh, home sweet home.


  1. Kay, love how you took photos of all the food and restaurants! Looks like you two had an awesome time.

  2. Oh, how fun! So glad you had a break with your hubby! Thanks for the food ideas too - making a trip to the big Apple myself in a couple of months and I like to plan ahead for restaurants.

  3. mmmm, that Arugula salad looks like heaven! Glad you had such a nice time, thanks for sharing it with us!

  4. Hey Kay! I heard it was Blog Day, so I linked to your blog in a post and included one of your pictures (if that's oK with you) to encourage people to come on over here. Here's the post:
    Thanks for entertaining me and sharing so many delicious recipes!!

  5. It looks like you had quite a bit of fun! The picture of the green fruit is called cherimoya, which has a custard-like texture, an exotic flavor that is a cross between bananas, pineapples and pears. It's quite special. Dragon fruits are more interesting to look at than eat. The have a refreshing cucumbe-like flavor with tiny seeds similar to poppy seeds. I live a few blocks north of Ali Babba's I'll have to check it out.

  6. Wow, great pictures...everything look so nice, what an exciting and fun time :-)

  7. That first green fruit is known as a custard apple in Australia!

  8. ok so your trip looks it was just incredible! Btw I just had a dragon fruit in Barcelona, and I can't even describe the taste to you! It was good, interesting, and it was so pink on the inside that it was neon.