IPC Youth Mission Trip 2010

This was our third year going on a construction mission trip for IPC youth group. Led by our Youth Pastor Brad Waller, about 100 of us went on this exciting and meaningful trip.

Last two years, we went to Allendale, South Carolina, but when the only motel in town big enough to house our large group closed down, Brad had to make a quick change to look for another economically depressed town to lend a hand. And this year, Brad was led to take us to Live Oak, Florida.

Working with Community Presbyterian Church and Love INC . three houses were chosen to be repaired and remodeled.

And our children worked! There is something so good about working hard to help those in need.

Roofs were repaired to stop the leak.

Wooded area was cleared to make better use of the property. Working in 105 degrees for 8 hours for three days is quite challenging for these youths, but not once, did I hear a complaint.
Their hearts were filled with joy in helping in Christ's name.

And it was my job to feed this wonderful group. My experience as a ex-caterer really is tested on trips like this. Breakfast was provided by the motel, thank goodness. But I had to plan lunch and dinner for 100 for three days. To go to an unknown kitchen can be quite challenging so the cargo van marked "FOOD" was packed with all the essential equipment and tools.

Right before the trip, I was told that Super Walmart would be right next to our motel. Oh, thank you, Lord! Caterer's Dream! So I didn't need to take as much food as I had planned. Breads, fresh fruit, and snack foods were purchased in Florida.

Day 1 Dinner: Grilled Hamburgers and Italian Sausage

Day 2: Low Country Boil

Here was our menu for three days during mission trip.

Full Breakfast before leaving IPC:

Bacon (180 pcs) & Sausage (60 patties)
Cheese Grits
Scrambled Eggs (90 eggs)
Biscuits (70)
OJ (4 gallons)

Each working day, six coolers were packed for three different job sites.
Deli Meat(40 lb) & Cheese (25 lb)
PB & J
Sandwich Bread & Condiments
Sliced Watermelons
Potato Chips (7 cases of 50)
Homemade Desserts provided by Mary Catherine and Fun Gobel
Salty and Sweet Snacks (250 bags)
GALLONS of Water and Gatorade, lost count how much

Day 1 Dinner Menu
Grilled Angus Burgers (30 lb)
Italian Sausage (18 lbs)
Buns for Meat
Three Bean Casserole
Watermelon Slices
Homemade Dessert

Day 2 Dinner Menu
Low Country Boil
(35 lb of shrimp, 21 lb of smoked sausage, 40 ears of corn: cut into 3, 25 lb of potatoes)
Watermelon Slices
Garden Salad with Ranch Dressing
French Bread with Pimento Cheese Spread
Homemade Dessert

Day 3 Dinner Menu
Fried Chicken (prepared by Winn Dixie)
Mac and Cheese
Yeast Rolls
Fruit Salad
Peach Cobbler with Vanilla Ice Cream

Sunday Lunch at CPC
BBQ Pork,Beef, and Chicken (provided by CPC)
Baked Beans
Asian Cole Slaw
Watermelon Slices
Cream Cheese Pound Cake provided by Mary Catherine

As you can see it takes a quite bit of food to feed construction crew of 100. And it couldn't have been done without my great friends to help in the kitchen : Miranda, Rose, Priya, and Jane. And mom helpers on site: Margaret, Kathy, and Pam!

My arms and legs feel like rubber right now, I am sure those who worked out in the sun feels worse. But ask any one of us if we would do it again next summer, and the answer is resounding, "YES"!

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