I love gadgets. But this is another "must haves" in your kitchen if you are a serious cook or cook for a big crowd weekly as I do. Thermometer will take all the guess work out whether the meat is done and cooked in proper temperature.

Shown here is Thermapen by ThermoWorks. Not cheap but worth it.

$96 at Amazon.com or Thermoworks.com (more color selection)

Pork 150 for Medium (Recommended)/160 for well done
Beef 125 for rare/ 130 for Medium-Rare/ 140 for Medium/ 160 for well done
Poultry 165 for white meat/170-175 for dark meat
Oil Temp for Frying 350-375 degrees


  1. We have a Thermopen and love (or rather "loved") it. However, when my husband held it over the grill to test the temperature of meat that was cooking, it thoroughly melted. Lesson learned - remove meat from heat source when testing temperature. But we loved it so much, we bought another one.

  2. Ouch, that was an expensive lesson! Glad you got another one. I can't cook without it! :)