Sandwich Generation

Enjoy every sandwich-Warren Zevon

It has been said that the Sandwich Generation is a generation of people who care for their aging parent(s) while supporting their own children. I never really thought much about this term until recently, when my sweet mother (and my next door neighbor) began to have some concerning health issues and I've been taking her to several doctors' appointments.

And my three teenagers have been needing me various ways. As a daughter, mother, wife, and the church cook, the hours in a day are way too short and my energy level waning. I am pressed on both sides by many needs.

I have been purposely staying quiet. No blog posts, not too many social interactions, working less; to spend more time talking with my children, even it meant staying up until the wee hours just talking, reading aloud more books to my youngest, or taking my mother out to fun restaurants in-between her medical appointments. Because they are my precious gifts from God and I won't have them too long with me. So I intend to enjoy every moment with them!

So, come and celebrate with me on my new season of the "Sandwich Generation"! Here are some previous sandwich posts to share with you.

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